Meet the Team

Mark D. Johnson President

360-825-1756 (Office)

702-497-5480 (Cell)

Mark Johnson is the President and founder of MD Johnson Inc. and resides in Enumclaw WA. Mark was formerly a new vehicle dealer in Washington State and had almost 20 years as a retailer before starting MD Johnson Inc in 2001.

Mark has been admitted and recognized as an expert in State, Federal and Family court. Mark has also been appointed by numerous Court appointed receivers as the advisor to the receiver in automotive related cases.

Mr. Johnson has an extensive speaker history as well as history of published or quoted material including USA Today, Automotive News, Automotive Buy Sell Report, Wards to name a few. Mark has also spoken to the Chilean dealers Association at the University of the Andes in Santiago, to the Argentinian dealer’s association at NADA and has conducted webinars for NADA’s educational division.

Mr. Johnson is also Editor and Publisher of Automotive Buy Sell Report.

Mark was raised in Spokane Washington and educated at Eastern Washington University.

Mark Topping Senior Vice President

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253-820-9065 (Cell)

“I lucked out.” Will You?

In 2006, Mark Topping had just sold his Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealership after more than 20 years. As if he’d had insider knowledge, he sold just prior to the financial system collapsing. Dealerships were terminated, Chrysler and General Motors went into bankruptcy and the dealers that stayed in business shrank overnight to a small portion of what they were only months earlier.

“I’d like to tell you I had a crystal ball and saw the downturn coming,” he says. “And I’d like to tell you I executed my exit plans and it went exactly as I intended, but I just lucked out.”

His family had owned an automobile dealership and he had worked through most of the positions, bottom to top. He knew how to manage a dealership, how to develop and maintain relations with the manufacturers, lenders, vendors and clients. He served on Dealer advisory Boards and Executive Committees at a national level and understood the need to be involved both with the industry and community. He had a Retail Management degree from Central Washington University and a career full of experience.

“What I didn’t know was how to sell my business,” he admits. “I sold cars and trucks and felt I could just sell the business too.” This is where he lucked out. He didn’t know what he didn’t know and it could have been a disaster. And the disaster can hit you if you are selling or buying a dealership!

Don’t count on luck to get the best result when buying or selling your dealership. Let us share the “right” way to prepare for buying or selling your business.

David Thomas

208-761-4457 (Cell)


David Thomas is a 37-year veteran of the retail automobile and motorcycle business. He has been a dealer for some of the most iconic brands in the marketplace, including Harley-Davidson, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, GM, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler. For the past nine years, he has owned and operated one of the most successful and profitable Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country.

David was one of the first auto dealers in the USA to adopt the Internet as an outreach tool to attract customers who did not want to buy a car through the traditional auto buying process. In 2010, he adopted Social and Digital media as the primary way to market his Harley-Davidson dealership, raising it to the top 3% of Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country for net sales in 2013. In addition, major manufacturers such as Toyota, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Financial Services and Honda have recognized David for excellence in retail operations.

He has real-world experience in dealer operations, marketing, customer experience processes, frontline employee engagement, and business practices that maximize profitability.

Fred O’Halloran




Fred O’Halloran has been in “C” level management for over 15 years. His experience working for an automobile manufacturer, running his own dealership, and consulting with some of the premier automobile dealers in the U.S., gives him a unique perspective and understanding of the automobile industry. During his career, he has consulted with entrepreneurs and senior level managers in the development of strategic plans and the identification of business opportunities. As Chairman of the Board of NCM, Fred oversaw a 60 percent growth in revenue and a 100% increase in profits.

Prior to NCM, Fred was President, CEO, Freedom Chevrolet, Inc., Managing Partner of Freedom Associates, a real estate partnership, President and CEO of Broadway Ford, Inc. and served in various management positions at Ford Motor Company.

Shawney Pace

561-262-7602 (Cell)


Shawney Pace is an innovative and driven accounting professional with over twenty years of experience in the automotive industry. Her experience with human resources, payroll applications, budgeting and expense management and administration support allow Shawney to see the bigger operational picture. Being detail-oriented and dedicated to providing top notch business practices makes her an excellent collaborator in resolving variances, adhering to forecasts and plans, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Douglas E. Windsor

905-512-8555 (Cell)


Douglas E. Windsor is a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, Mechanical Engineer, Management Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist.

His experience includes: corporate operations, dealer and franchise marketing and leading digital marketing strategy and execution. Engagements include technology start ups, marketing and advertising agencies and numerous commercial clients.

Doug has lead Franchise marketing and deployment work for clients including Navistar, Mutt Motorcycles, Jiffy Lube, Arby’s, Firkin Group of Pubs and the Marriot to name a few.

Doug’s powersports experience extends beyond franchise marketing and includes homologation, conformity, and importation requirements.

Doug has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in Canada.