Why MD Johnson Inc.?

Why MD Johnson Inc.?


You get more than an introduction and reports from MD Johnson Inc.—you get experienced professionals with an understanding of your culture, operation challenges, manufacturers’ requirements, employee relations, and current market conditions, as well as national recognition in the acquisitions and mergers arena. We are success driven and will always take the position that ‘the truth will never take a back seat’ in our business practices. Our integrity and commitment to our processes have resulted in our clients reaching their ultimate goal, whether it is executing acquisitions or exit strategies.


Custom Solutions


You are the driver of your transaction. We customize the process to your needs and execute your desires upon your request. We will listen first, process the information second, and respond with our best solution for your desired outcome.


Accelerating Success


Accelerating Success – With our long history in the automotive dealership industry, you will benefit from our depth of experience, which includes all types of dealerships: new and used vehicles, heavy duty trucks, motorcycles and recreation vehicles. Our personal life experience in the retail dealership world helps us provide you with a broad perspective on everything from industry best practices and current market trends to buy/sell transactions.


Noticeably Different


Every so often you find a company, community or team with the unique ability to accomplish extraordinary things because they work together and put the group ahead of self.


MD Johnson Inc. encourages our professionals to make an impact on our clients’ businesses. You expect a high quality process—we go beyond that by offering insight, experience and sound judgment. The people at MD Johnson Inc. invest themselves in a culture of “emotional ownership.” “Emotional ownership” means that we share a vision that is larger than the daily ups and downs of work life. We want to

succeed personally, we want those around us to succeed, and we want our firm’s clients to succeed.