About Us

About Us

MD Johnson Inc. was formed in 2001, dedicated to serving franchised new car dealers throughout the U.S. Our firm has advised on billions of dollars of transactions exclusively through MD Johnson, Inc. all across the United States, and represents both public and private dealers and dealer groups. The firm is operated exclusively by former new vehicle dealers. Every person in the firm as made a living as a salesperson, a dealership manager, and a new vehicle dealership owner. We understand our clients and their needs, intimately.

Our Process

After completing billions of dollars of transactions over the past 20 plus years, we understand the process. As buy sell and financial advisors to dealers, process is everything. MDJohnson Inc. does not ask for or accept retainer fees. We invest right next to our clients in the process, sometimes for years before a transaction takes place. We value clients’ assets and create a relationships prior to engaging a client, all at our firm’s expense. Once a meeting of the minds occurs and the valuation is completed, we engage the client formally and begin the sale process.

What to Consider

We are often asked, “How have you been able to close every deal you have sent to the factory for approval?”
The answer is not simple, neither is the process, it’s just part of what we do.
You can find the answers to some basic questions.  

  •   Current environmental issues if any.
  •   Legal proceedings that may create delays.
  •   Conditions of the facilities
  •   Facility requirements that may be required of the buyer.
  •   Any additional open points currently in the market or to be added.


Contact us to learn about our process, how we value a dealership,
how we determine who the right buyer is, and how we close transactions