Market Launches

Market launches

The North American market for automobiles, motorcycles and powersports vehicles represents a massive opportunity for foreign manufacturers. However, many companies have tried and pulled back due to the complexity in Franchise laws, liabilities and operational challenges.

There is clearly an opportunity to provide expertise and guidance to these manufacturers.


Our Mandate:

  • We believe there is a significant opportunity to address these challenges on behalf of, or, in partnership with foreign brands and manufacturers. Expertise in the areas described above, coupled with long standing relationships in various disciplines provides foreign manufacturers and brands with an opportunity to effectively launch and build their business in North America.


Our Services:

  • Cultural: From millennials to seniors, we understand the automotive and powersports market. Our partners have decades of experience coupling the right product in the right market through the right retail experience‚Ķ in the right way.
  • Legal: We have spent decades establishing relationships with the leading firms that focus on Automotive and Powersports distribution agreements.
  • Financial: We can design and execute the most effective funding model at multiple levels of the supply chain. This provides and seamless value add for distributors and dealers.
  • Technical: We are experienced with all phases of the homologation process. US and Canadian safety and emission standards are closely followed. re-engineering recommendations and execution can be delivered. Certification is completed and managed in North America.

Local Knowledge: Our partners have been establishing retail environments that fit with the market trends and shifting cultural expectations of the market for decades. This expertise is coupled with a detailed understanding of local franchise laws and regulations. The result is a successful venture positioned for growth.