Hahn BMW


Richard Hahn sale of Hahn BMWMD Johnson, Inc. Advises Richard Hahn on the Sale of Hahn BMW


YAKIMA, Wash., June 14, 2011 MD Johnson, Inc. announces the completion of the sale of Hahn BMW. The dealership was purchased from iconic Washington dealer Richard “Dick” Hahn and will be relocated to the Tri-Cities and renamed BMW of Tri-Cities. The dealership was purchased by local dealer Tim Bush.

Mark Topping, VP of MD Johnson, Inc., advised Hahn regarding the transaction on behalf of the company. Dick Hahn took over the operation of the family’s Chrysler dealership in Yakima when his father Carl relocated to Seattle to open a Chrysler Plymouth dealership they purchased from Stan Sayres. Dick Hahn then established Hahn Mercedes Benz in 1973 and Hahn BMW in 1977. Hahn still owns and operates the Mercedes Dealership in Yakima. In 2009 during Chrysler’s consolidation, Hahn Motor Company was the oldest Chrysler dealer in Washington State. They became a Chrysler dealer in 1924. Dick Hahn has two sons and a daughter in the automobile business. Doug Hahn has managed the Mercedes BMW Dealership for the past several years, Steve Hahn has several dealerships of his own in Yakima, and Mr. Hahn’s daughter Cindy works in the automobile industry as a professional race car driver.

Dick Hahn commented that “BMW wanted us to relocate or open a new dealership in the Tri-Cities. Mark Johnson and Mark Topping introduced us to a buyer and the timing seemed right to sell. The buyer, Tim Bush, already had a location and at this juncture, it did not make a lot of sense for me to move to the Tri-Cities and build a new BMW building.”

Mark Johnson, President of MD Johnson, Inc., commented that “BMW and Mercedes, in particular, have been aggressive in getting new buildings built or at the very least, demanding significant capital expenditures in the form of image programs that are as expensive as they are extensive”.