Nissan Of Fife

MD Johnson, Inc. announces that Mary Byrne, Manager of Nissan of Fife, L.L.C. and Fife Automotive, L.L.C. (collectively, “Nissan of Fife” herein), has completed the sale of the Nissan of Fife automobile dealership to Larson Motors, Inc. and Robert and Jennifer Larson. Following closing of the transaction, the Fife dealership will retain and operate under the name “Nissan of Fife”. MD Johnson, Inc. initiated, structured and executed the transaction on behalf of Nissan of Fife. Mary Byrne is one of a small and select group of women who are automobile dealers in Washington State. Additionally, Mary is currently the First Vice President and is President Elect of the Washington State Automobile Dealers Association (“WSADA”). Byrne’s appointment as President will make her the first woman appointed President of WSADA since it was founded. Following closing of the Fife dealership transaction, Mary expects to continue to maintain a dealership and ownership relationship with Advantage Nissan. Byrne started her career in the automobile business at South Tacoma Jeep in 1990 and worked her way through the various dealership departments before purchasing Nissan of Fife in 1998. Mark Topping, Northwest VP of MD Johnson, Inc. and transaction manager for the Nissan of Fife transaction was the owner of South Tacoma Jeep and Mary’s employer and tutor for nine years. Topping commented that “I feel fortunate to be able to assist Mary as she transitions out of Nissan of Fife and into the next stage of her life.” As Manager of Nissan of Fife, Byrne initiated the 1998 purchase of the Nissan of Fife dealership from Brad Topping, brother of Mark Topping. Byrne commented that “Mark has been a good friend and mentor, and I am grateful we could work on this project together.”