Plaza Porsche

Plaza Porsche in Creve Coeur has been sold to Houston­based indiGO Auto Group, which is consolidating it with another Porsche dealership it bought here this spring.
Duluth, Georgia­based Asbury Automotive Group Inc. (NYSE: ABG) sold Plaza Porsche for an undisclosed amount. The dealership is located at 11830 Olive Blvd. Asbury retains the other Plaza Motors luxury brand dealerships, including Plaza Audi and Plaza Lexus. The deal, completed this week, was the fourth Porsche franchise acquisition for 5­year­old indiGO. “We looked at this deal two years ago, and we weren’t able to put the pieces together,” indiGO Chairman and CEO Todd Blue told the Business Journal on Friday. “So when the opportunity resurfaced, we were just as excited about it.”